How Replacement Windows Help With Energy Efficiency

Monday, November 22nd, 2021 by Steph Lauer

When your window is broken, your heating or cooling unit will have to work harder to maintain a specific temperature. Due to the increased load on your HVAC system, you might see a spike in your electricity bills. If you want to save energy while keeping your comfort at home, check your existing windows for any issues. Once you see a problem, you might consider replacing them.

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Fortunately, there are a lot of options for replacement windows in the market today. Some of them have features that can help you save money on energy bills. If you want to reduce your electric consumption, take note of these features before installing new windows.

Windows With Multiple Glass Panes Help With Energy Efficiency

Glass panes are essential for blocking airflow in your home, especially during winter. Single pane windows make it easy for cold air to enter and for heated air to escape your house. This will force your heating equipment to work harder to keep you warm during the cold season. As a result, your energy consumption will increase.

If you want to ensure efficiency, consider purchasing double or triple-pane windows. However, it’s also important to consider other characteristics before choosing a product.

New Windows Reduce Air Leaks

Cold drafts are one of the most noticeable signs that your windows are due for replacement. While you can weatherproof them every time you notice the issue, it’s not a long-term solution. Hire professional contractors to install your new windows, so you can ensure that they’re set up properly. That way, chilly air can’t enter your home during winter and your energy bill won’t increase.

Insulated Window Frames Are Energy Efficient

Aside from glass panes, insulated window frames can also contribute to your effort to become more energy efficient. Wood frames, for example, provide good insulation. They are perfect for homes located in hot areas. Vinyl is a popular choice because it’s affordable and can also save you some money on electricity bills.

Windows With Low-Emission Coating Glass Help Save Energy

If you want a home with optimal insulation, no matter the climate in your area, consider buying windows with Low-E coating glass panes. The low-emission coating is thin and metallic. It minimizes the amount of ultraviolet and infrared rays that pass through the glass without compromising the light entering your home.

When you purchase a window with Low-E glass, you’re not only reducing your usage of light during the day, you’re also lowering your electric consumption. You can find high-quality windows with Low-E glazing nowadays. Simply look for reliable dealers and shops to purchase from.

Windows With Low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Can Reduce AC Costs

While sunlight might seem like a blessing on a cold winter day, you can’t say the same during the summer. Get windows with a solar heat gain coefficient of at least 0.25 or less for efficient energy performance and lower air conditioning costs. Solar heat gain coefficient is the amount of solar radiation that can pass through your windows and subsequently be released as heat inside your home.

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