Work Requests in Verona

Badgerland Exteriors is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Verona. Learn more about Badgerland Exteriors's recent work requests in Verona and nearby areas!

Learn more about Badgerland Exteriors' recent work requests in Verona, WI
Vicinity of Cardinal Point Trail in Verona
Hail damage to gutters/downspouts and "framing" around the great room windows which is considered siding I guess. would like a quote soon if possible so can get the work done this summer We also have corners of the existing gutters that leak and need resealing. thanks
Vicinity of Thornton Terrace in Verona
- Exterior wood trim needs repair, including rotted wood on garage door and back door (ie, the screen door is loose and trim is not secure near door jamb) - Many downspouts are broken and would like an estimate for repair vs complete replacement of gutter system Thank you.
Vicinity of Hawks Reserve Lane in Verona
10 unit condo building. Shake and LP smartside
Vicinity of Harvest Lane in Verona
I seem to have a slow leak from my roof into a living room. It's near a fireplace. There has been slow discoloration on the ceiling that has appeared over the last few months.
Vicinity of Sabaka Trail in Verona
Looking for someone to come out inspect metal roof.. flat roof metal railing metal framing for hail damAGE
Vicinity of Pine Lawn Pkwy in Verona
Would like an inspection of our siding/gutters/roof for any possible hail damage.
Vicinity of Feather Edge Dr. in Verona
After the hail storm last week we'd like to have you guys take a look at our roof and determine if there's any damage.
Vicinity of Stone Arbor Trl in Verona
Hello, We wanted to have our roof/house looked at for potential hail damage from the recent storm. I work from home so most days and times would work. Thank you!
Vicinity of Silverstone Ln in Verona
Not sure if that last storm damaged our home. Someone in the neighborhood recommended AJ to take a look. Is there a cost for that?
Vicinity of W Mineral Point Road in Verona
I would like you to check for possible damages after recent hail. Thank you
Vicinity of Waterbend Dr. in Verona
My house's roof has not been checked up for a few years. I would like to schedule an inspection as a regular maintenance checkup before this winter. And fix the potential problems if found any. Do you guys do free estimate or inspection? Thank you!
Vicinity of Dairy Ridge Rd in Verona
We need an estimate on a roof and gutters. We would also like an estimate siding.
Vicinity of Kettle Ct. in Verona
I would like an estimate for modifying my existing gutter and downspout due to water issues in the yard.
Vicinity of Edward Street in Verona
Would like an estimate for replacing asphalt roof (currently has two layers of shingles) on our ranch. Plus adding a vent through the roof from one bathroom that currently only vents to the attic.
Vicinity of Schweitzer Dr in Verona
I have a slow leak somewhere around the flashing where my chimney meets my roof. When it rains a lot, water starts to drip inside (down the inside face of my chimney). The rake board near the chimney is somewhat rotted out as a result. Interested in knowing what it would cost to have someone inspect and fix it. Thanks!
Vicinity of Miller St in Verona
We are having water leak into our house during rainy. We believe the leaks are concentrated near roof vents, it looks as though one of the vents is loose and water is entering through a nail hole. There was also some leakage near the chimney, which has been patched with roofing cement and seems to be holding out water.
Vicinity of Talons Way in Verona
One side of my fascia roof was dropped due to thunder storm. How much will it cost if I ask you to fix?
Vicinity of Swoboda Rd in Verona
Our attic is not well ventilated. We need to add some ventilation.