Why Is Hail Damage Bad for Your Roof?

Why Hail Damage Is Bad for Your Roof

The roof is one of the most important parts of a home or building as it keeps everything in a property safe from outside elements. However, it can be vulnerable when exposed to intense weather. Extreme temperatures may require you to get a roof repair. 


One weather condition that can be a pain to deal with is a hailstorm. Hail damage can often cause expensive repairs if you don’t spot the problems early. Here are some reasons why hail impacts are destructive to your roof.




Damaged Roof Shingles

An intense hail storm may displace or damage your roof shingles. If left unattended for too long, it may cause severe problems like water leaks, mold growth, and more. Check your shingles for damage right away, and call for experts to help with repairs.


Bruises Your Roof

Most impacts from a hailstorm can cause dents of various sizes on your roof. These dents are called bruising and can have devastating effects if left unrepaired for too long. Even small dents should be properly checked. If the bruise caves in while you’re pressing it, call a roof inspector to prevent more serious problems.


Removes Granules

Look at your roof’s granules to see if a hailstorm’s damage to your roof is bad. You may need to be more attentive than usual when checking because granules can get swept away with the rain that accompanies a hailstorm. Look at the bottom of the rain gutters for accumulation of sediment which could mean another protective layer of your roof has been compromised. Call an expert to help with the problem. 

Causes Rusting

If your roof is made of metal, hail impacts can be devastating as it can lead to rusting, which weakens the overall strength of your roof. Hailstorms can also cause scratches and dents on metal roofs. These usually impact your roof at an angle, scraping away its protective outer coating. If unnoticed, this can lead to more issues down the road.


Affects Temperature

Various gaps can form on the roof when it’s struck by hail, exposing your property’s interior to outside elements. However, you have to worry not only about what’s coming inside, but what is leaving. In winter your home will be colder because the warm air will escape and could cause ice damming. In summer you’ll be paying more for your air conditioning. 


Shortens Roof Life

If no apparent damage can be seen right after a hailstorm, it does not mean your roof got away without damage. Any small dent or scratch caused by minor impacts can still affect the long-term health of your roof. These minor damages tend to be ignored until they stack on top of each other and become a major problem. Make sure to inspect your roof thoroughly and take note of every bump.


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