Deciding if You Should Replace Your Own Roof

The Pros and Cons of Attempting Roof Replacement Yourself

It comes as no surprise that home repairs can eat into your savings but also into your free time. Roofs, in particular, require annual maintenance and eventually a potentially expensive replacement. That’s why many homeowners take the DIY approach instead of hiring professional roofers. While it is debatable whether doing your roofing is better, both sides have pros and cons.


Some consider a  DIY roof replacement the most cost-efficient solution, but getting professional help will ensure high-quality work. At the end of the day, you have a better chance to improve your roof’s efficiency by carefully assessing the situation and by taking a hard look at your DIY skills. If you’re still uncertain about handling this major home improvement task, here are the pros and cons of replacing your roof on your own:




The Pros of DIY Roof Replacements

Perhaps the most common reason homeowners resort to DIY roof replacements is that it saves them money. After all, it cuts all the labor costs. The high cost of professional roofing services can be off-putting for some, motivating them to take on the task themselves. By choosing this route, homeowners only have to pay for the materials and tools they need, but you’ll also need to make sure you can handle the job.


Apart from having more control over one’s budget, people also favor DIY home improvement projects as they can do it on their schedule. This is especially appealing since some contractors have very limited schedules, or don’t have availability for a while.


Attempting to do your roof replacement allows you to make it look exactly how you like. A DIY roofing project can give you the freedom to add specific details, such as roof access. Additionally, doing a successful home improvement project without professional help gives you a sense of accomplishment.


The Cons of DIY Roof Replacements

Not all homeowners are well-equipped or knowledgeable enough to do a roof replacement successfully. If you are inexperienced with DIY home improvement projects, you might end up with more damage to your roof and costly repairs. Additionally, it’s often harder to secure the suitable materials and permits for DIY roofing jobs, which you can easily get with a contractor.


There are often safety concerns when it comes to DIY roof replacements. Unlike amateur home improvement enthusiasts, professional contractors have acquired the ability to walk on roofs of any condition from years of experience. Working at height requires proper training and the correct fall-prevention equipment to prevent damage to yourself and the property. 


Lastly, professionals can ensure quality work because of their training and experience. So, it’s best to let them handle your roof replacement to avoid compromising its structure, style, and safety.


Get in Touch With Professional Roofing Contractors

While DIY roof replacements have their pros and cons, the safest route you can take is to hire professional roofing contractors to help you. Badgerland Exteriors in Sauk City, WI provides services that can improve your roof’s efficiency. Contact us for a free estimate!


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